We’re building our new Website

Our ModakBoard website is currently under construction and we wanted to address to ensure that our loyal and returning customers understand where the company is heading as we grow and develop. As we maintain a FRL of 90/90/90 across our product range, it is important that we embrace one of the main reasons why we stand out from our main competitors.

At ModakBoad, we continue to produce fire resistant building material that reinforces a water resistant, sound proof and termite repellent form factor that is lightweight yet strong and durable. To reinforce to our loyal customers, both current and future, the fire resistant building material is made of the high quality you know and trust. Our message is to provide an eco-friendly, fire resistant building board at an affordable price to all building constructions across Australia.

This innovative mindset we embody will allow for a continuous development of our products from the improvement of every batch we produce. This will allow us to improve the overall quality of our environmentally friendly fire resistant building boards used in current and future projects.